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Wabbit iPhone 4 Case

New swag alert! Friends….lend me your ears! Your iphone shall be naked no more. 

When I saw this adorable piece I knew it was to be mine.  Behold the RABITO.

Its really sturdy and well made…seems proven to shield your iphone from the elements, the sidewalk, your kitchen floor, and potential canine attacks.

Everywhere I go I’ve been getting compliments and long hard stares:

"WHAT?!?? It seems that that iphone is marching all over town disguised in a rabbit costume! How sneaky.”

Here is the promo video…also featuring an imposter bunny. Damn dopplegangers.

**Regarding the used Chipotle napkin in the background…what can I say…I love me some burritos. Breakfast lunch and dinner…all day tacos and burritos = heaven.**

Hop to it bitches!!